My Ten Favorite Comments Guys Have Posted on Girls’ Instagram Photos

Sometimes I get bored. When this happens, I will often go to models or other female public figures Instagram pages, not to ogle at their pictures, but to look at the hilarious stuff weird guys say in the comments. Now, it would be easy to just find the grossest stuff

What Emoji Are You?

See what emoji matches your personality! Maybe you’re this emoji that guys send to girls they’re dating but maybe he shouldn’t have sent this emoji because they’ve only gone on one date and now she’s not answering his texts and now he’s freaking out and over-thinking it and it’s suddenly


Look at you. You just watched a puppy stampede video on YouTube and you didn’t even crack a smile. YOU WATCHED A PARADE OF CUTENESS AND YOU FELT NOTHING, HAVE YOU NO SOUL. We all know how you’re feeling; you have your morning coffee and you’re like “I could be

Publik Skool Kidz

Growing up, I had the pleasure of attending public school in Northern Virginia the entirety of my educational career.  I’m not saying I should have a tear drop tattoo because of these experiences, but anyone who attended public school will attest to the fact that you see some shit in

The Guys Who are NEVER Getting Married

Someone showed me this article, entitled “The Girls Who Are Never Getting Married,” and boy, was it inspiring. Basically, a girl upset with the decline of respect for the institution of marriage issues a warning to her fellow single and unwed females that if they don’t get it together soon,

Hail to the White Skins!

If all the parts of your face are functioning, you know there has been a great deal of debate on whether the Washington Redskins should be allowed to keep their name. You have people saying the name is offensive, racist and clearly an insult, while others say it honors the

Some of You People Shouldn’t Be Having People Yet

Some of you people shouldn’t be having people yet. I’m seeing people my age with babies all over the place and it’s scaring the shit out of me.   I’m not saying that those my age with children aren’t fit to be parents, I just don’t understand why the immediate

Petey the Pirate Duck

One thing I will never forget about college was Petey the Pirate Duck.   If you went to James Madison University around 2007-2008, there’s a strong possibility you may have seen, petted or even partied with this duck.  But the question is, do you know how Petey the Pirate Duck

Tru3 L0v3

I’ve been single for around a year now, and frankly, I kind of like it. That’s not entirely true.  Sometimes I really do and sometimes I really don’t, but at least when you’re single, you still have the freedom to choose and not have to tell someone you’re over them

Operation Persian Kitty

I would say I have a moderate amount of chest hair.  Not too much, not too little, the baby bear porridge amount of chest hair, which is gross and now I regret saying it. However, when I was younger, I had more than most.  This hadn’t really affected my life